CMU Cricket Team Demonstrates Excellence in World AIDS Day 2023

Sports events provide an important platform to raise awareness about various issues and their reach to a vast audience can not be underestimated. Cricket is the most popular game not only in Pakistan but across the sub-continent. Millions of people from all walks of life actively take interest in the game and cricket matches are an excellent place to raise awareness about major issues such as HIV awareness. Keeping this in view, the APLHIV has organized a Cricket Championship in Islamabad. 

This is the first of its kind event in the history of HIV response in Pakistan. Five teams from APLHIV, UN System, CMU, Dareecha Male Health Society and Speak Trust are taking part in the event. Large numbers of students, teachers, PLHIV, KPs and general public from all walks of life attended the event. All the teams are wearing red ribbons to show solidarity with the HIV community. Awareness messages about HIV are displayed across the ground and surrounding vicinity in the heart of Islamabad to raise awareness and combat the many myths associated with HIV.

In a riveting showcase of skill and determination, the CMU cricket team soared to the finals of the Cricket Championship, commemorating World AIDS Day 2023. Their journey, marked by victories and a commendable display of sportsmanship, garnered well-deserved applause.

 The CMU staff and management stood united in cheers, bolstering the team’s spirit throughout. The presence of the National Coordinator as the chief guest added prestige to the event. While the coveted victory slipped away, CMU’s collaborative effort, both on and off the field, stands as a testament to their commitment to awareness and excellence. Congratulations on a memorable journey!

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