About CMU

Common Management Unit (CMU)

Common Management Unit aims at accelerating the National and Provincial response to control AIDS, TB and Malaria and subsequently eliminate the three deadly diseases from the country as per the governmental commitment to achieve Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

HIV and AIDS although concentrated in certain Key Population has been rising rapidly over the last decade with more than 190,000 people estimated to be infected with this disease while there have been instances of spillover into the general population, as witnessed in Larkana during 2019.

Pakistan is the 5th highest burden country in the world for Tuberculosis (TB) with an estimated incidence of 263/100,000 amounting to more than 580,000 cases appearing annually, while around 44,000 die due to the disease annually. Similarly, an estimated 27,000 Multi Drug Resistant TB cases occur every year, which pose a great threat to their communities.

Malaria has a very high level of morbidity, particularly in the provinces of Balochistan, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa and Sindh. Thus while 30% of the population lives in high-risk zones for malaria, the remaining 70% live in medium to low-risk regions such as the Punjab province.

The three programmes are in line with the targets of SDG 3 to which Pakistan is a signatory. All the three programs have recently developed their costed provincial and national strategies for 2021-23 as part of the Global Fund grants.

Meet Our Team

Mr. Mustafa Jamal Kazi

Mr Mustafa Jamal Kazi

National Coordinator, The Common Management Unit (AIDS, TB, & Malaria) Ministry of NHRC

Dr. Mutahir Shah

Dr. Mutahir Shah

Deputy National Coordinator (DNC) – TB

Dr. Arslan Hyder

Dr. Arslan Hyder

Deputy National Coordinator (DNC) – HIV/AIDS

Mr. Taj Wali Khan

Mr. Taj Wali Khan

Deputy National Coordinator (DNC) – Malaria