National TB Control Programme (NTP)

Our Vision

We envision a TB-free Pakistan with zero deaths, disease, and poverty caused by TB.

Our Goal

Get back on track to end the TB epidemic by 2030.

Reporting TB care facilities in Pakistan (Year 2022)

Progress TB Control Program Pakistan till 2022

  • TB Programme is providing free of Cost state of art Diagnostic and Quality assured treatment services through the network of more than 1,700 TB care facilities in public and private sectors across the country.
  • During the Year 2022, more than 424,000 TB cases were successfully treated.
  • Drug Resistant TB – Social Support in the form of cash incentives of Rs 12,000 per month during treatment for all enrolled patients.
  • TB/HIV Collaboration -Screening of TB patients for HIV status.

Current Statistics (2022)

Current estimate of Incident TB

611,000 cases

MDR/RR-TB incidence

16,000 cases

Estimated proportion of cases with MDR/RR-TB in 2021

Among New cases = 2.5%

Est Incident TB cases V/s Case Notification Rate

Trend Drug Susceptible TB Case Notification

Treatment Success Rate for DSTB cases notified (2012-2022)

Trend RR/MDR-TB treatment Success Rate

Trend TB/HIV Bi-directional screening in Pakistan

Trend Drug Resistant TB Case Notification


  • Scale up of rapid molecular diagnostics –GeneXpert machines (from 411 to 774 machines in Year 2024).
  • Expansion of Digital X-Ray and Artificial Intelligence (AI) (from 12 to 136 machines for TB Diagnosis).
  • Strengthening of 37 Divisional Laboratories for epidemic preparedness through provision of 25 hi-tech PCR machines.
  • Surveys (TB Prevalence Survey, TB Patient Cost Survey, Drug Resistance Survey).
  • Electronic TB Surveillance through Case Based DHIS-2.
  • Enhanced coordination with Professional Medical Associations / Private Sector / International Technical Organizations.
  • Integration with Universal Health Coverage (UHC) through strengthening of Primary Health Care.


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Meet Our Technical Team

Dr. Razia Fatima

Dr. Razia Fatima

National Coordinator, The Common Management Unit (AIDS, TB, & Malaria) MoNHSRC.

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Deputy National Coordinator - TB

 Deputy National Coordinator (DNC) - TB

Dr Sabira Tehseen

Advisor TB (Acting)

Technical Team

Dr Mehboob Ul Haq

 Programme Officer - MCG

Athar Shabbir

Programme Officer - Global Fund Reporting


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