Objectives & Goals

HIV and AIDS poses a very real threat to the health of individuals, families and communities in Pakistan and to the progress we have made in recent years as a nation. Although we currently face a number of difficult challenges in our development, including conflict and natural disasters, paying insufficient attention to the warning signs presented by the growing HIV and AIDS epidemic in Pakistan could cost us dearly in the long‐term. Responding effectively to HIV and AIDS will require a co‐ordinated effort across a number of sectors. It will require us to confront difficult issues and to work with communities to come up with strategies that particularly suit our environment, our culture and our religious values. In doing this, we cannot afford to shy away from the issues that we find uncomfortable or challenging. We are working to reach the following goal and meet objectives.


To prevent a generalized epidemic in Pakistan by containing the spread of HIV and AIDS and elimination of stigma and discrimination against those infected and effected


  1. Prevention of HIV transmission
  2. Safe Blood Transfusion
  3. Reduction of Sexually Transmitted Diseases transmission
  4. Establishment of surveillance
  5. Reduce Stigma attached with disease
  6. Training of Health Staff
  7. Research and Behavioral studies
  8. Development of Programme Management.
  9. Create an enabling environment
  10. Build the right capacity
  11. Strengthen the institutional framework


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