Cheezious Pizza Stands for Awareness on World AIDS Day!

On this World AIDS Day, Cheezious Pizza takes a bold step towards building a healthier and more informed community. Join us in the mission to spread vital HIV/AIDS awareness by utilizing our outlets as hubs for information dissemination. We are proud to announce the distribution of informative IEC (Information, Education, and Communication) materials through Cheezious Pizza outlets, reaching far and wide to connect with the public.

Empowerment begins with knowledge, and we believe that by providing accessible information, we can play a pivotal role in fostering understanding and support. As you savor our delicious pizzas, take a moment to explore the crucial information on HIV/AIDS that will be available at our outlets. Let’s work together to empower communities, break down barriers, and eliminate the stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS.

In unity, we can make a meaningful impact. Every individual armed with awareness is a catalyst for positive change. Join Cheezious Pizza in the effort to raise awareness and contribute to the global mission of eradicating stigma associated with HIV/AIDS.

Together, through the power of knowledge and support, let’s create a world where compassion prevails, and every person affected by HIV/AIDS is embraced with understanding and empathy.


Media Talk of the National Coordinator CMU (HIV, TB and Malaria)

On World AIDS Day, united against HIV, the National Coordinator delivered crucial remarks to the media, emphasizing the need for awareness, breaking stigma, and fostering support. Let’s stand together in solidarity.

Let’s unite in raising awareness, erasing stigma, and supporting those affected by HIV. Together, we can make a difference. #WAD2023


Embracing Unity: World AIDS Day 2023 in Pakistan

Let Communities Lead!

December 1st 2023 marks World AIDS Day, a day dedicated to raising awareness, commemorating those we’ve lost, and rallying support for those affected by HIV/AIDS. In 2023, Pakistan witnessed a powerful and impactful event orchestrated by the Government of Pakistan and Common Management Unit for the Global Fund (AIDS, TB & Malaria), in collaboration with the UN agencies. This significant program unfolded within the artistic embrace of the Pakistan National Council of Arts.

The event was also showed live on the Common Management Unit, Ministry of Health Pakistan, Facebook Page. Moreover, the Federal Minister of Health, Dr Nadeem Jaan and the Federal Secretary, Mr. Iftikhar Ali Shallwani gave special messages for the WAD -2023.

A Gathering of Influential Minds

The venue was not just a backdrop; it was a symbol of the intersection between art, culture, and the ongoing fight against HIV/AIDS. The event drew together influential personalities from the Government of Pakistan, United Nations (UN), World Health Organization (WHO), and diverse communities. Their collective presence underscored the commitment to tackle the challenges posed by this global health issue collaboratively. The Secretary Mr. Iftikhar Ali Shallwani, graced the occasion with Julien Harneis, the UN Resident Coordinator. Dr Razia Fatima, National Coordinator CMU, gave the opening remarks for the ceremony, promising to be at the forefront in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Advocacy in Action

The program comprised panel discussions and presentations that delved into the intricacies of HIV/AIDS, shedding light on the latest developments, challenges, and strides made in the ongoing battle against the disease. The theme for World AIDS Day 2023, ‘Let Communities Lead,’ echoed throughout the discussions, emphasizing the critical role communities play in spearheading efforts to combat the disease. The communites took the lead in the event. In a poignant play staged by the transgender community from Dareecha, the script artfully illuminated the everyday challenges faced by its members, providing a raw and unfiltered glimpse into their lives. The performance courageously portrayed the slow journey towards acceptance, urging the audience to empathize with the struggles often hidden from the spotlight. Through powerful storytelling, the play served as a heartfelt testament to resilience, fostering a deeper understanding of the transgender community’s quest for acknowledgment and equality.

Voices of Resilience

One of the focal points of the event was the empowerment of those living with HIV/AIDS. The programme championed the idea that individuals with firsthand experience of the disease should take the lead in eradicating stigma. By sharing personal stories, challenges, and triumphs, these brave individuals became the architects of change, breaking down barriers and fostering understanding.

Collaborative Commitment

The collaboration between government bodies, international organizations, and grassroots communities highlighted the urgency of a united front in the battle against HIV/AIDS. The Common Management Unit for the Global Fund played a pivotal role, emphasizing the necessity of coordinated efforts to combat not only AIDS but also Tuberculosis, a communicable disease often the leading cause of death in people leading with HIV/AIDS.

Community Engagement

This year’s theme, ‘Let Communities Lead,’ came to life through the active participation of organizations working directly with the community. Stalls adorned with information and resources from organizations like Dareecha showcased the impactful work being done at the grassroots level. These organizations exemplify the spirit of community-led initiatives and their indispensable role in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

A Call to Action

As we reflect on the events of World AIDS Day 2023 in Pakistan, the call to action reverberates. Beyond the discussions and presentations, there lies a shared responsibility to advocate for education, prevention, and support for those affected by HIV/AIDS. The day served as a reminder that the fight against this global health challenge is ongoing and requires continued dedication from individuals, communities, and nations.

The day served as a reminder that the fight against this global health challenge is ongoing and requires continued dedication from individuals, communities, and nations.

In the spirit of unity, let us carry the momentum forward, breaking down barriers, dispelling myths, and supporting those affected by HIV/AIDS. World AIDS Day may be a designated day of reflection, but the commitment to change and progress is a year-round endeavor.


CMU Cricket Team demonstrates excellence in the Cricket Championship for World AIDS Day 2023

CMU's cricket warriors fought their way to the finals with skill and spirit in the Cricket Championship for World AIDS Day 2023.

Sports events provide an important platform to raise awareness about various issues and their reach to a vast audience can not be underestimated. Cricket is the most popular game not only in Pakistan but across the sub-continent. Millions of people from all walks of life actively take interest in the game and cricket matches are an excellent place to raise awareness about major issues such as HIV awareness. Keeping this in view, the APLHIV has organized a Cricket Championship in Islamabad.
This is the first of its kind event in the history of HIV response in Pakistan. Five teams from Common Management Unit, APLHIV, UN System, Dareecha Male Health Society and Speak Trust are taking part in the event. Large numbers of students, teachers, PLHIV, KPs and general public from all walks of life attended the event. All the teams are wearing red ribbons to show solidarity with the HIV community. Awareness messages about HIV are displayed across the ground and surrounding vicinity in the heart of Islamabad to raise awareness and combat the many myths associated with HIV.

In a display of unwavering dedication and sportsmanship, the CMU team showcased their exceptional skills, reaching the finals of the Cricket Championship held in honor of World AIDS Day 2023. Their journey was marked by triumphs in multiple matches, a testament to their perseverance and teamwork. 

The CMU staff and management stood united in cheers, bolstering the team’s spirit throughout. The presence of the National Coordinator, Dr Razia Fatima, as the chief guest added prestige to the event. Dr Abdul Wali, Deputy National Coordinator TB, and Dr Qasim Abbas, Deputy National Coordinator HIV & Malaria also graced the occasion.

Despite an outstanding performance in the finals against APLHIV, victory eluded them. While the coveted victory slipped away, CMU’s collaborative effort, both on and off the field, stands as a testament to their commitment to awareness and excellence. 

Congratulations to the CMU team for their remarkable journey, and sincere appreciation for their efforts in contributing to the cause of World AIDS Day 2023 through the spirit of cricket. Well done!


Dr Razia Fatima, National Coordinator CMU, chaired the meeting for PC-I at CMU.

 An internal meeting was called upon by Dr. Razia Fatima,  National Coordinator CMU, for progress review & update of PC-I activities on 29th November 2023. All Common Management Unit staff was present.


Dr Razia Fatima, National Coordinator CMU, chaired the internal meeting of M&E Surveillance Unit.

 An internal meeting was called upon by Dr. Razia Fatima,  National Coordinator CMU, for progress review & update of M&E and Surveillance Unit on 28th November 2023. Dr. Basharat Javed, M&E and Surveillance Specialist was also present. Updates on HIV, TB and Malaria and action points for next meeting were discussed.


Dr Razia Fatima, National Coordinator CMU, chaired the World AIDS Day Meeting on 28th November 2023.

The World AIDS Day Meeting was chaired by Dr. Razia Fatima,  National Coordinator CMU, to coordinate our efforts for the upcoming WAD 2023 activities on 28th November 2023. All stakeholders participated and gave their inputs.


Meeting with Federal Secretary Health and Additional Secretary with the Common Management Unit staff

Meeting with Federal secretary Health and Additional secretary for Programmatic update on TB HIV AIDS and Malaria with the Common Management Unit Staff.


Dr Razia Fatima, National Coordinator CMU, at the Stakeholder’s Consultation on the Discourse on Stigma and Discrimination HIV Pakistan Response

Dr. Razia Fatima, National Coordinator CMU graced the occasion of the consultation for Stigma reduction organised by UNDP.


Dr Razia Fatima, National Coordinator CMU, at the Meena Bazar for World AIDS Day

Mena Bazar Extravaganza

National Coordinator CMU, Dr Razia Fatima, graced the Meena Bazar with her presence. The APLHIV in Collaboration with WHO organized a 2 day Meena Bazar—An activity by the community and for the community organized by the APLHIV in Islamabad. Since its inception in 2021 this event has become an annual event due to increasing demand and interest of communities. The objective of the Meena Bazar is to polish the skills of community members, to showcase/exhibit their skills and create linkages with customers for the future. Over 35 stalls by the Community from all provinces and regions of Pakistan were organized. The general public flocked to the venue and showed keen interest in all products on sale by the community. This event provides a unique opportunity for community members to show their skills to the general public while at the same time educating the general masses on HIV while challenging the many myths and stigma associated with HIV. Over 40% of stall owners are female & approx 10% belong to the TG community. This event provides a unique and safe space for public to interact with HIV communities in a friendly and convivial environment thus contributing towards empowerment of the communities. This event is a visual demonstration of this year’s theme for WAD i.e. LET COMMUNITIES LEAD. The APLHIV intends to provide ground to promote and encourage communities who are earning their livelihood and also provide this great opportunity for general public to be educated about HIV and help to eradicate stigma.
The event was attended by Federal Minister for Human Rights Ms Mishal Hussain Malik. Furthermore APLHIV’s partners from UNAIDS, UNDP, UNICEF graced the event with their presence. The event was also attended by European Council representatives, Ambassador for the Kingdom of Netherlands, various Diplomats residing in Islamabad, Boy Scouts Association, Islamabad Bar Council, Islamabad Chamber of Commerce, teachers, students and a large number of people from everyday life.