Awareness Session in Atta ur Rahman School of Applied Biosciences Community (ASAB) NUST

he National AIDS Control Program -CMU with the support of #UNICEF organized HIV/AIDS Awareness Session in Atta ur Rahman School of Applied Biosciences Community (ASAB) NUST #Islamabad

Department of Biotechnology Abdul Wali Khan

The Department of Biotechnology Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan wishes to celebrate and show solidarity with people living with HIV and AIDs.
“As we observe this important day in our calendar. With this simple act, we raise awareness of the global fight against AIDS”.

Inter-provincial Review Meeting

Quaterly Inter Provincial Meeting held on 12-13 Oct 2022 in Islamabad- National Coordinator, Deputy National Coordinator TB and all Provincial Managers attended the meeting.

Prime Minister, Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Mian Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif
Federal Minister, Abdul Qadir Patel
Dr. Fakhr e Alam Irfan / Secretary
Mirza Nasir ud Din Mashhood Ahmad Special Secretary
Mr Mustafa Jamal Kazi/ National Coordinator (AIDS, TB, Malaria)

Stories of Change – Coordination

Coordination brings happiness among two parties.

Mr. Gulfam Khan is a PLHIV and his wife was registered at CHBC Peshawar but himself was not registered as he was considering himself healthy and fine. The PLHIV don’t have any child. During our home visit to his wife who is already registered, we found that he was also an infected client. During conversation, he mentioned that he is also a PLHIV and is not taking medicines for two years because he feels healthy and fine. In his reports, we found that he is also infected by TB and HCV. We provided him recommendations for CD4 test on the spot and brief counseling about the disease.

was looking healthy but he was careless and avoiding medicines and regular checkups. We invited him to CHBC center for registration purposes. Next week, he visited us and we registered him and facilitated him through provision of food, medical regular follow up and ART travel.

He was very happy for the services and promised to keep in touch with us. Later on, peer group session was held in his area for which he was also invited, he joined and was happy with the knowledge about the disease which he got during the session.


Stories of Change – Better Livelihood

Better livelihood needs financial assistance and economic empowerment

Mr. Kashif is a PLHIV and has registered at CHBC Peshawar site since 2012. The PLHIV is having a single child and have a small family but due to poor financial condition he is unable to fulfill basic needs of his small family. Before getting into the disease, he was spending a hardworking life. Now onwards, he is getting weaker and cannot do farming or any kind of labour job to bear cost of his expensive medication and his family expenses as well. He is running a wooden cabin shop in Charsadda near fish shop as mentioned above in the images. The patient is very keen and motivated person and working hard for his family.

During Peer Education Session we met him, he shared that he is facing a lot of hardships and he requested to provide him business support for his shop so that he can run his shop in an appropriate manner and manage his family in a better way. He sent an application to CHBC for business support which was approved and he was supported through provision of small business fund.

Upon receiving financial support from CHBC, he is much thankful for the support as he procured food items for his shop.

Living with HIV/AIDS and struggling like a normal human being, also fighting for life with the disease and taking care of family at the same time is not an easy task to do. The reason why we found inspiration in his background is that he knows his internal weakness but he is still active and acting like a normal human being. He didn’t lose hope and he is a committed person.

We wished him good luck. We counseled him and provided moral support. We are glad for his current status in terms of health and commitment.

Later on, we visited his cabin shop for feedback and to assess the improvements. We met him and found that he is quite satisfied with the support he received. His shop was full of items and he is having good amount of sales on daily basis.


Stories of Change – Adherence

ARVs adherence is necessary for PLHIV to spend normal and healthy life

CHBC Peshawar team was conducting VCT at Haji Camp Ada GT road Peshawar with IDUs and Truck driver’s in the meanwhile one young man came close to CHBC team and asked them about the VCT purpose. When he heard about the HIV/AIDs he told the one of the team member that he is HIV positive diagnosed some two years back and also took ARVs once from ART center but later on discontinued due to using drugs. He shared that he is feeling pain, eyes allergy and diarrhea. Team member shared contact details and CHBC address with him and asked him to visit CHBC. On the next day he came along with his aged mother, counselor took session with him and his family and encouraged him for ARVs adherence. He was referred to ART center where his CD4 was done and they suggested ARVs to him. He is now visiting CHBC for counseling and taking medicines regularly and stopped taking drugs. After receiving series of counseling sessions he is feeling well and his mother is happy for him as he is mostly now spending his time at home with mother.

After 9 months he is well now and started job at Dost Welfare Hospital Shahi Bala and taking ARVs regularly.